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South African Book Fair

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We Want You: Calling All Budding Authors, Editors and Publishers

The South African Book Fair programme this year is not just for the occasional reader who’d like to know more about what to read. Instead, in partnership with great people from the publishing world, and other centres of literary excellence, we’ve got some great opportunities, to learn a lot in a short space of time.

Walter and Albertina SisuluMhla ugogo eya kovotaAn Exceptionally Simple Theory (of Absolutely Everything)Wasted

If you’d like to figure out how to get your golden novel published, catch Mark Winkler and publishing reps, who will give you the inside scoop on making your big break.

And if you’re on the other side of things, and waiting to turn the brightest manuscripts into bestsellers, catch our practical editing sessions for a taste of the world of editing.

If indigenous languages are your passion, catch Elinor Sisulu and her team for a discussion of children’s indigenous language publishing.

There is something for everyone, and you can only come away a little richer for getting involved!

See the full 2015 South African Book Fair programme here

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2015 Mail and Guardian Literary Festival Highlights

The 2015 Mail & Guardian Literary Festival 1-2 August, 2015

The Mail and Guardian Literary Festival is one of the most important parts of our programme. Hosting a series of hot debates, and sparking readers and writers to think differently, the events on offer are sure to enhance your reading experiences. Some highlights include:

Meaning in LifeThe Arrogance of PowerOn the PostcolonyEducation, Economy and Society

Goodbye to all that: Decolonising culture and institutions
Saturday, August 1, Anglo Auditorium, 9.30am – 11am

After Thando Mgqolozana’s challenge to the literary community, decolonization of texts has been hot on the South African agenda, and we’d like to take the conversation further. Join Thaddeus Metz, Xolela Mangcu, Achille Mbembe and Leigh-Ann Naidoo, in a discussion chaired by Salim Vally, to unpack the issues around decolonization, and to help imagine what a decolonized literary landscape would look like.

* * * * * * * *


A Flawed FreedomRace, Class and PowerThe Limits of Democratic Governance in South AfricaWhat Will People SaySouth Africa's Suspended Revolution

South Africa at a fork in the road
Saturday, August 1, Anglo Auditorium, 1.30pm – 3pm

There’s no doubt that South Africa is going through transitions, in many social, political and economic spheres. Whenever answers and solutions arise, so too do more questions. We’ve got some sharp minds on the issue. Join the conversation in a discussion with John Saul, Steven Friedman, Louis Picard and Rehana Rossouw. The discussion will be chaired by veteran analyst and Wits Vice-Chancellor Adam Habib.

* * * * * * * *


The Origins of Non-racialismThe Joburg Book

Future Perfect: Transforming Joburg from apartheid city to a city for all
Saturday, August 1, Gordimer Room, 3.30pm – 5pm

Chaired by Rashid Seedat, head of the Gauteng planning division in provincial government, the panel sees Wits academics David Everatt and Zeblon Vilakazi in conversation with Zayd Ebrahim of the City of Johannesburg and Nechama Brodie, whose books on Johannesburg have made her one of its best but unblinkered advocates (via M&G Online).


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SA Book Fair 2015 and FP&M SETA Create a Platform for Up-and-coming Publishers


An industry that isn’t constantly growing and nurturing new talent, is one that is doomed to fail.

With this in mind the Publishing Association of South Africa (PASA) and the Fibre, Processing and Manufacturing SETA (FP&M SETA) have partnered to encourage skills development within the publishing and literary industries. Through a unique initiative aimed at fuelling this growth, the SA Book Fair 2015 and FP&M SETA, provide a platform for new publishers to stand shoulder to shoulder with the established leaders in the publishing world.

Earlier this year adverts were placed in a variety of newspapers across the country calling for applications. The response was outstanding and as a result 45 of these publishers will be showcased at the South African Book Fair 2015 to be held at Turbine Hall, Newtown, Johannesburg, from Friday, July 31 to Sunday, August 2, 2015.

The campaign theme for this year’s fair is #DiscoverYourBookself. The event will see 100 authors participating in more than 40 events at the Fair, while 44 new small publishers and seven publishers from across Africa will be exhibiting works. The event is dedicated to learners, teachers, librarians and anyone who is keen on the written word both fiction and non-fiction.

The FP&M SETA funded publishers will be provided with a stand at the book fair to showcase their books over the three days. In addition, they will attend a full day skills development workshop where various topics pertaining to publishing, as well as how to grow their businesses will be discussed. They will also attend the Footnote Summit which is focused on digital publishing, and will join a workshop session and networking event with seven publishers invited by Goeth from across the African continent. Together they will discuss “Publishing in Africa” and the challenges and opportunities of trading books in the Global South.

“The role of the SA Book Fair is about inspiring more South Africans to read and to showcase and connect the industry. But it’s also very much about building and supporting the growth of our industry now and in the future, so that the love of books is a legacy passed down for generations,” says PASA chairperson Brian Wafawarowa.

Felleng Yende, CEO of FP&M SETA, completely agrees: “Our focus at FP&M SETA is, and will always be, to maximise skills development and to help build a sustainable future for all. The South African Book Fair provides a platform to develop the skills of a group of new publishers each year, and we are looking forward to interacting with them in our workshops at the Fair.”

In addition to the new publisher workshops, this year’s SA Book Fair has included a number of sessions within the programme to provide insight and guidance to people interested in possibly entering the publishing arena.

These workshops include:

  • Publishing in Indigenous Languages – Elinor Sisulu, NLSA and PUO discuss children’s literature publishing in Indigenous Languages and how to achieve this quantum leap. Facilitated by the Puku Children’s Literature Foundation.
  • Editing Workshop – This 50-minute hands-on workshop provides insight into whether editing is meant for you.
  • How to make a book – Provides insights into what’s involved in the creation of a book to help attendees identify how their skills might prepare them for a career in book publishing.
  • Get published – Get the inside scoop on taking your book from manuscript to published. Mark Winkler, author of Wasted, talks about how he broke through the lit barrier, and numerous publishers give their tips and suggestions about digital versus physical choices and how to get published.
  • Africa is a continent of opportunity and potential. “Publishing in Africa” discusses the challenges and opportunities of trading books in the Global South. By invitation only.

“The publishing industry is evolving”, concludes Brian Wafawarowa, “and the SA Book Fair’s programme is geared towards supporting and facilitating this evolution. New technologies have forced us to redefine what we do and how we continue to bring the written word to the world. By supporting new publishers, we hope to encourage a young generation of gifted and passionate publishers and writers who will bring new ideas and solutions to our exciting and very necessary industry.

For further information on FP&M SETA, visit

The SA Book Fair Revisits Mandela’s Legacy

Activist. Freedom Fighter. Political prisoner. Peacemaker. Father of our nation. Throughout his life, Nelson Mandela has been idolised and vilified, called a saint and a sinner, labelled a saviour and a sell-out. But one thing that can’t be disputed is his important and influential role in the history of South Africa.

Together with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, we at the South African Book Fair 2015 are proud to present “Revisiting Mandela’s Legacy”.

21 years after our country’s democracy, we re-examine the life of the man that led us to freedom, and the legacy he left behind. Did Mandela concede too much in the transition to democracy? Did he focus on nation-building at the expense of transformation? And if so, was he right to do so?

Memoirs of a Born FreeFools and Other StoriesThe Cry of Winnie MandelaNelson MandelaA Jacana Pocket Biography: Nelson MandelaLong Walk to Freedom


Panelists include Mondli Makhanya, Verne Harris, Malaika wa Azania and Rekgotsofetse Chikane, they are facilitated by Siki Mgabadeli, with Professor Njabulo Ndebele as the respondent. In a discussion that will most likely prove to be both controversial and animated, they will ask the interesting questions and look into the actions and motivations of an icon who was also just a man.

Please join us as we revisit the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

When: 1 August, 2015
Time: 15h00 – 16h30
Where: Anglogold Ashanti Auditorium, Turbine Hall, Newtown, Johannesburg
Ticket information: R15 available via (excludes door entry into the SA Book Fair)

See the full SA Book Fair programme here

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7 Sub-Saharan African Publishers to Feature at the 2015 South African Book Fair

Publishers from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Cameroon will be invited to this year’s South African Book Fair by the Goethe-Institut, in co-operation with the SA Book Fair.

The South African Book Fair is South Africa’s largest book fair with over 100 authors participating in over 40 events throughout the three days. The fair is to be held at The Forum at Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg, from 31 July to 2 August, 2015.

“The aim of this initiative is to encourage business to business activities between publishers on the continent” says Mpuka Radinku, executive director of The Publishers’ Association of South Africa. “The South African Book Fair provides both an excellent promotional platform and great networking opportunities for publishers”.

Brigitte Doellgast, head of library & information services at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, adds: “We are happy to continue encouraging exchanges between information specialists and publishers from South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Germany. This ties in with our engagement in promoting literature and literacy via mobile devices – a topic that I am sure will be widely discussed at the Book Fair.”

The seven publishers will be provided with exhibition stands within the South African Book Fair as well as workshops and networking opportunities including:

  • 1) A workshop on the 30th of July to discuss issues around publishing on the internet, publishing free content, how to get content to people for free and how to help create a nation of readers. This workshop is open to both the publishers attending from Sub-Saharan Africa and local South African publishers interested in exploring these issues. Please RSVP at
  • The facilitators of the workshop will be Muthoni Muhunyo (Publishing and Business Development Associate at Worldreader in Kenya,, Mignon Hardie (Executive Director at Fundza Literary Trust, and Ingo Niermann (writer from Germany,, founder of an initiative called FIKTION.

  • 2) A session and networking event at 15h30 the 31st of July at the Turbine Hall on ‘Publishing in Africa – the challenges and opportunities of trading books in the Global South’. The discussion will be followed by drinks and snacks.

We are excited to announce this year’s invited participants:

Les Editions Livre Sud represented by Therese Koudou, Ivory Coast
Les Editions Livre Sud have been based on the Ivory Coast since 1992. Apart from publishing various genres of books, they also provide library services in order to contribute to development by boosting literacy. Moreover, they produce material in local languages in order to participate in the development in a literate environment in Africa.

Subsaharan Publishers represented by Ofori-Mensah Akuosah, Ghana
Established in Ghana, Sub-Saharan Publishers focus on educational books, especially dealing with environmental issues, empowering women and the history of the transatlantic slave trade, amongst others. They publish children’s books to raise awareness about issues such as sustainable development as well as Children’s picture books in order to raise their interest in reading.

Bookcraft Limited represented by Bankole Olayebi, Nigeria
Bookcraft (represented by Bankole Olayebi) is a Nigerian publisher with titles in a wide variety of subject areas – literature, history, current affairs, biography and art. The company pays particular attention beautiful design and packaging, to ultimately achieve what are usually ‘reader-friendly’ books. Publishing for more than twenty-five years, Bookcraft continues to consistently focus on excellence and quality, professionalism and customer service.

Editions Lupeppo represented by Hermann I Matchadjé, Cameroon
Founded five years ago in Cameroon, Editions Lupeppo provides three collections: “Sémences” (novels, short stories, and poetry), “Opinions” (essays) and “Savoirs” (professional books).

amaBooks represented by Jane Morris, Zimbabwe
The Zimbabwean publisher amaBooks (represented by Jane Morris) focuses on novels, short stories and poetry, including a few local history and culture titles. They provide a platform for well-established as well as for emerging authors to publish their books.

Parresia Publishers represented by Azafi Omoluabi-Ogosi, Nigeria
Based in Nigeria, Parresia Publishers’ (represented by Azafi Omoluabi-Ogosi) emphasis lies on fiction; more precisely on literary fiction, exceptional popular fiction and innovative short story collections. They release books twice a year, including authors such as Helon Habila.

Shama Books represented by Asfeha Deribe, Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s premier private publisher and the best source for high-quality, fascinating books on all things Ethiopia. Whether you’re looking for a book in English or Amharic, Shama has a vast selection to choose from and offers many genres to suit your diverse tastes.

One for the Books: Presenting the 2015 South African Book Fair Programme

The 2015 South African Book Fair programme has been released and, like your favourite novel, it’s filled with exciting characters, captivating dialogue and adventure. Taking place in Johannesburg from 31 July to 2 August, there is something for everyone, whether you are adult or child, a bookworm or occasional reader, a lover of all genres or loyal to just one, or thinking about getting into the publishing industry.

The SA Book Fair is South Africa’s largest fair of its kind and, naturally, attracts some of the biggest names. Over 100 authors, writers, poets, publishers and playwrights will be sharing their experience, talents and knowledge in a three day book-inspired escapade.

Scroll to the end to see the full programme

Here are a few highlights from our full programme:

Broken Monsters21 at 21Dr Eve's Sex Book for Young PeopleAchieving the ImpossibleOur MadibaThe Arrogance of PowerThe ANC Women's LeagueThe Space Between the Space BetweenWastedTo Quote MyselfBest White and Other Anxious DelusionsAffluenzaThe FetchWhat Will People SayPlasentaSaliger
Kodenaam IcarusWhen a Man Cries101 DetectivesStrange PilgrimagesThe ReactiveThe Last Road Trip
A Life DigestedEat, Drink and Blame the AncestorsThe Origins of Non-racialismThe Joburg BookWalter and Albertina SisuluThe Raft
’n Duisend stories oor JohannesburgThe FetchA Slim, Green SilenceHave You Seen Zandile?Oliver’s OutlineDie Dingesfabriek: Jannus en Kriek en die tydmasjienTarts


  • Wonderwoman – At a kids event, Lauren Beukes will be reading her Wonder Woman comic book with art by Mike Maihack.

    “The Trouble With Cats” in DC’s Sensation #9 sees Wonder Woman racing to save Batman and Superman from her archenemy, Cheetah, on a mythical island off the coast of Mozambique. But the story takes a twist to Soweto where a young girl has to find her own inner heroine and use the power of her imagination to save the day. This event is suitable for kids aged five and up and includes a brief talk on how comics are made. Grown-up comic fans welcome too. Dressing up as a superhero is encouraged!

  • Twenty-one born frees are asked what 21 years of democracy means – Melanie Verwoerd and Sonwabiso Ngcawo discuss the answers in 21 at 21.
  • Seduced! – Dr Eve chats to Kuli Roberts of Kaya FM as they explore a new threat to marriages and relationships – cyberinfidelity.
  • Black and White in Colour: Why race (still) matters – Lewis Gordon, Melanie Verwoerd and Xolela Mangcu, chaired by Shireen Hassim. In conjunction with the Mail & Guardian Literary Festival.
  • How imagination can change the world – Uno de Waal, winner of top African Blogger Award for Arts And Culture, chats to ad-men John Hunt, Mark Winkler and Khaya Dlanga about the power and magic of the imagination.
  • Africa is a continent of opportunity and potentialPublishing in Africa discusses the challenges and opportunities of trading books in the Global South.
  • It’s Reading, But Not As You Know It – Mike Mophoto, the man behind Diary of a Zulu Girl, Rebecca Davis and Nancy Brown from World Reader, explore fun and different ways of getting South Africans reading. With Karabo Kgoleng Dada.
  • The books you read say a lot about who you are – Novelists Niq Mhlongo, Finuala Dowling and Rehana Rossouw discover South Africa’s Bookself. Chaired by Karabo Kgoleng Dada.
  • Die opkoms van die vigilante in Lekkerkunde – Peet Venter en die krimisibbe, Dibi and Henk Breytenbach, filosofeer al drie oor die rol van die vigilante in hulle boeke. Ons sien dikwels hoe die howe skynbaar faal, maar wat is die alternatief?
  • ShortsSiphiwo Mahala talks to Ivan Vladislavić, Achmat Dangor and Masande Ntshanga about the art of the short story.
  • Books, boys and beersGareth Crocker, Khaya Dlanga and Pete Goffe-Wood share their bromance with Ndumiso Ngcobo over craft beers, as they discuss the meaning of life and friendship. Snacks included.
  • Future Perfect – Transforming Joburg from apartheid city to a city for all – David Everatt, Nechama Brodie and others. Chaired by Rashid Seedat in conjunction with the Mail & Guardian Literary Festival.

But that’s not everything, we have poetry and script-writing masterclasses, panel discussions, workshops and lectures, all involving leading writers, editors and publishers from South Africa and the world. If you want to enter the writing and publishing industry, we’ve geared a significant part of the programme towards new talent, so there are plenty of workshops to help you on your way. Some of these include:

  • Editing Workshop – This 50-minute hands-on workshop provides insight into whether editing is meant for you.
  • Get published – Get the inside scoop on taking your book from manuscript to publication. Mark Winkler talks about how he broke through the literature barrier, and numerous publishers give their tips and suggestions about digital versus physical choices and how to get published.
  • Scriptwriting stories – Masterclass with screenwriters Fred Strydom and Harry Kalmer.
  • Ever dreamt of expressing yourself through poetry? – In Poetry masterclass with Finuala Dowling and Beverly Rycroft, you’ll find there’s more to poetry than finding a word to rhyme with orange.

The popular Creative Mornings Johannesburg will be hosting their monthly session at the Fair with the title “Confessions of a design thief”. Participants will gain some insight into the workings of a creative mind during this entertaining talk from Garth Walker, the man who edited iJusi for 20 years.

And if you’re feeling energised after all the adventure, join PAST Experiences on one or both of their walking tours around historic Joburg – “The ANC – past, present and future” or “What’s in a name”, which explores the changing names of inner city Joburg, happening at midday on Saturday and Sunday respectively.
Children’s Zone
Whether you’ve got kids of your own or are simply indulging your inner child, our Children’s Zone is a must-visit destination. There are readings throughout each day and the event schedule is packed with new adventures and experiences in The Alice Room:

  • Hello, Hugless Douglas! – Join the creator himself, David Melling, as he reads his delightful story, shares the history and making of the huggable Douglas and shows how he comes to life. Suitable for three to six year olds.
  • Be taken on a magical tour of African folktales by famed storyteller, Gcina Mhlophe.
  • Jurassic Park is coming to Joburg – In “Dem Bones” children can listen to the best dino tales, meet a real paleontologist and dig for bones.
  • Beautiful me! – Join Alan Glass, the creator of Beautiful Creatures and Oliver’s Outline, as he talks and sings about self-esteem and loving yourself. For ages six and up
  • Books and ballet – come dance with words! – Every little girl, at some point, dreams of being a ballerina. In collaboration with the Joburg Ballet, enjoy a ballet story and mini class with a real ballerina who will tell you all about life behind the curtain.
  • Become a detective for a day! – Join Jenny Crwys-Williams, Elizabeth Wasserman and Dog-detective Willem on a mystery solving adventure. You’ll also get to win books for your school library, learn how to train your own dog-detective and get a photo of yourself taken with a guide dog.
  • A dress-up Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – In celebration of Alice in Wonderland’s 150th anniversary and the launch of Alice in IsiZulu, with readings in both English and IsiZulu. The Queen of Tarts, Tina Bester, will be serving it up and prizes for the best-dressed are on the cards. The guest list includes the Gruffalo, Wally, Floppy, Peter Rabbit and more. It promises to be the grand finale to the SA Book Fair.

And if you’re a teacher, learner or librarian, Friday is dedicated specifically to you, and a number of schools from across Johannesburg have already booked their school outing.

To find out more about our exciting and jam-packed schedule, visit

* * * * * * * *

View the complete programme for the SA Book Fair 2015:

2015 South African Book Fair Programme by Books LIVE


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Discover Your Bookself at the South African Book Fair 2015

bookfair logo

The South African Book Fair: Johannesburg 31 July – 2 August 2015

Book lovers are an interesting breed. Happy to spend hours in quiet isolation, thrilled at the thought of a crowded waiting room to grab a quick read, and counting authors and characters as their friends.

At the South African Book Fair we believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had the chance and the desire to read more, and we’d like to inspire just that.

We’d like to inspire people in South Africa to read, which is why the Fair is about discovering books, discovering reading, discovering an author you may love or a genre you can’t get enough of. Discovering your ‘Bookself’.

The South African Book Fair is a platform for connecting, engaging and discussing, for learning about seasoned authors and uncovering new ones. For large publishers and smaller publishers supported by the FP&M SETA. For adults and for kids. Where all things books come together in one glorious celebration.

This is the driving force behind the 2015 South African Book Fair, organised by PASA (Publishers Association of South Africa) in association with FP&M SETA. We believe that a nation that reads is a nation equipped to move forward. Which is why, for the last nine years, we’ve brought together a community of publishers, novelists, writers, e-publishers, self-publishers and – most of all – book lovers, to revel in the love of books and foster a culture of reading.

Held this year, for the first time, in Johannesburg at the historic Turbine Hall in Newtown (managed by The Forum Company) from 31 July to 2 August, the three day Fair is a veritable playground for lovers of reading. Promising to bring the focus back to books and their authors, this year’s Fair has planned an exciting literary programme that will feature book launches and signings, author interviews and discussions, poetry readings, literary workshops and forums, exhibitions and displays, and an exciting children’s zone. Friday is a dedicated schools and library day, with a carefully crafted literary programme for learners and educators.

Most of all, it will be a place where all book lovers can come together and share their mutual passion for books. A place where you can browse and buy books, where ideas are shared, brains are picked, talent is nurtured and obsession is encouraged. Oh, and there’ll be plenty of quiet nooks and crannies where you can enjoy time out with your book. So come and make a day of it.

The theme this year is Discover your Bookself. The books that you read are representative of who you are as a person and we invite everyone to join us in Johannesburg from 31 July to 2 August to help us start a new chapter.


The South African Book Fair 2015 – A First for Joburg

South African Book FairFor the first time ever this year, The South African Book Fair (SABF) will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa’s industrial and cultural centre.

The SABF promises to bring to Jozi a literary festival like no other and will be held at the beautiful and historic Turbine Hall in Newtown, 31 July – 2 August 2015. A big book fair in South Africa’s big city is big news, and we are excited for this inaugural event!


Established in 2006, the SABF is managed by PASA, the Publishers’ Association of South Africa. Over the past seven years it has established itself as an important platform in Southern Africa for the literary world to gather and trade in the business of publishing. It also has become popular with the general public, and this year’s festival, with its inaugural year in Joburg, will bring the focus back to books and their authors with an exciting literary programme.

The 2014 Fair, held at the Cape Town Convention Centre – Cape Town’s premier location for big events – attracted around 8 000 visitors and firmly placed the national book fair back at the centre of books and reading in South Africa.

The focus of this fair will be a celebration of books, reading, writing and authors, with special attention given to current issues as well as the breadth and depth of South African and African publishing.


The 2015 three-day programme will feature book launches and signings, author interviews, literary workshops and forums, exhibitions and displays, and a children’s zone. Friday is a dedicated schools and library day, with a committed and carefully crafted literary programme for learners and educators.

The SABF 2015 will enjoy a comprehensive marketing and publicity campaign, online, radio, print and outdoor media, website social media, before, during and after the event.

The wide appeal and importance of this fair has prompted a decision to alternate between Johannesburg and Cape Town – an innovative move that will ensure that SABF has the greatest impact on South African readers and also becomes entrenched as a major book event on the African continent.

The Fair hopes to offer, among others, a children’s zone, a poetry slam, and three breakaways rooms with around 40 diverse sessions – from serious discussion around topical issues and current affairs to fun chats with authors and local celebrities.

Through events, exhibits, readings and debates, we hope to make books and words come to life, and we hope you will join us.

2014 South African Book Fair Satisfies Book Lovers’ Appetites

The 2014 South African Book Fair, which took place between 13 and 15 June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, has been hailed as a success.

With over 120 events, access to 100 authors, illustrators, storytellers, book critics, puppet shows, book launches and book club brunches on offer under one roof, visitors were truly spoilt for choice.

For Batya Green-Bricker, the Fair’s Programme Director, the 2014 South African Book Fair attracted crowds from all walks of life, “Book lovers and casual readers were drawn into the magic of what the Fair had to offer. Books provided an escape, inspiration, education and entertainment. Whoever you are, whatever your reason for reading or picking up a book, the SABF was a space and time dedicated to making all sorts of books come to life.”

This year the fair attracted several thousand visitors, which is on par with the 2012 South African Book Fair. Other memorable highlights of the 2014 South African Book Fair included:

• Children shrieking with glee at the sight of the larger-than-life Gruffalo, Peter Rabbit, Spot the Dog, Maisy Mouse, and Where’s Wally. Children were also transported into a whimsical world with the Two Oceans Aquarium puppet shows
• Hearing the views of three brilliant minds and personalities in three judges, Justice Edwin Cameron, Justice Albie Sachs and Justice Lee Bozalek
• Seeing how education publishers have so successfully bridged the physical-digital divide. This includes the technological advancement of the Humanware Braillenote Apex BT32 Braille notetaker, which will empower South Africa’s visually challenged students in the 21st Century. This was showcased by Pearson and Edit Microsystems
• Squeezing more chairs into an event venue to accommodate the overflow of listeners – especially in the self-publishing slots
• Neil Stemmert talking heritage food with his poetical and authentic combination of English and Afrikaans
• The diverse audience drawn by Professors Njabulo Ndebele and Harry Garuba’s talk on how to write our African story.

According to Siphiwo Mahala, Head of Books and Publishing at the Department of Arts and Culture: “The South African Book Fair is an important platform in our endeavour to develop a literate and reading society. The importance of literacy and a vibrant culture of reading cannot be overemphasised. Literacy underpins development in all sectors of society in a modern world and contributes not only to a knowledge economy, but also stimulates economic growth and job creation.”

Due to the widespread popularity of the South African Book Fair, the Publisher’s Association of South Africa (PASA) has opted to nationalise the Fair. The 2015 South African Book Fair will take place in Johannesburg. “In line with requests from a number of key stakeholders, PASA believes that by positioning the Fair nationally, this will increase interest with current participants from a location point of view. In addition, we are targeting increased involvement with new regional stakeholders,” comments Mpuka Radinku, the Executive Director of PASA.

Win a Hamper of Books to Celebrate the South African Book Fair

In celebration of the upcoming South African Book Fair, taking place this weekend (13 – 15 June) Books LIVE is giving away three book hampers!

The hampers are sponsored by Jonathan Ball Publishers, and include One Hundred Names and Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern, A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin, Inside Seal Team Six by Don Mann, If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon, Until Thy Wrath Be Past by Asa Larsson, Aleph and The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho, Most Wanted by Chris Ryan and The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien.

To stand a chance to win one of the hampers, fill in the form below: